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Steam Cleaning Services Clapham

Steam cleaning is the ideal hygienic environmentally – friendly way to remove dirt, grime, limescale, Mould, germs, and bacteria from most surfaces. Our steam cleaning equipment is efficient and effective at Removing most dirt, grime, mold, germs and bacteria from most surfaces.


Protection Against Bacteria any work surface where food is prepared or waste is present can be open to many forms of bacteria. Our Steam cleaning methods protect surfaces from bacteria, such as Listeria, Salmonella, MRSA, or E.coli. So steam cleaning offers value for money. While giving your environment a hygienic germ-free environmentally friendly solution. Which will not only clean but sanitize, neutralize, and sterilize all surfaces. Within your home, work, business, gym, bar, or social establishment.


Steam Service with Aroma’s or Treatments On !!!


Blinds, Curtains, Windows, Glass, Baths, Sinks, Ovens, Tiles, Floors, Vinyl, Wood, Marble, Slate, Granite. Also Aroma Steam Mattresses, Mirrors, Carpets, Upholstery,

Rugs, and Sofas.


Value Added Service to remove bad odors from the environment and equipment.

5 reasons for using Steam Cleaning

  • Save costly time by cleaning and drying surfaces immediately without leaving any unhygienic residue

  • Improvement in bactericidal efficacy; demonstrated effectiveness against SuperBugs (such as MRSA)

  • Low chemical use and low water consumption; environmentally friendly

  • User-friendly, ergonomically healthy, and lowers cleaning-related risks

  • Time, water, and chemical savings, resulting in cost savings

Cleansing traditionally is done by using water and tension-active ingredients to remove dirt mechanically, but some dirt remains in the pores of the surfaces.

Furthermore, most disinfectants work on the surface, so bacteria can survive and grow again.  Hence, steam has the advantage over disinfectants in some specific circumstances.

We use high-quality steam cleaning equipment that operates at extremely high temperatures to reach organic materials deep below the surface.

It is then possible to eliminate dead organisms, even those which are trapped within the pores, by using only water & microfibre cloths, effectively preventing the growth of further germs. Rinsing water, residual residues, and wastes are 100% biodegradable.

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