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Best Jet Pressure Washing Services Clapham

Asap Cleaning Company provides a polite, friendly, professional pressure washing service.

Cleaning Driveways, Patios, Block Paving, Walls & Fences, Brickwork & Decking.


As your Driveway, Patios, Pathway, Walls, and Garden are your welcome introduction to your home. So we strive to help our clients make that first great impression.


As a beautiful driveway can add value to your home. Making it more attractive and easier to

sell to a potential buyer. As a first impression counts. Also to keep your driveway & paving safe as

dirt, grime, and moss can be quite slippery. For visitors making deliveries or collections from your



Our services include Pressure Washing to remove dirt, grime, moss, algae, black spots and lichen. Which can either be removed by water pressure or by using treatment. Once dirt, grime, moss etc have been removed. We then re-sand and re-point block paving and driveways to near original state filing in all gaps. Then re-seal with sealant to protect & weather shield for 2 years. To prevent dirt, grime, weeds, moss, algae from resettling on brickwork & paving. Keeping your driveway or paving immaculate for 2 years. Also keeping your driveway or paving weatherproofed from soaking up too much water. Which will ultimately lead to short or long time damage. So we also offer a restoration service for when brickwork or paving. Which needs to be re-leveled, re-sanded, repointed, and re-fitted due to movement.


This may be smalls areas of patchwork or large areas which may have sunken due to weight. Both can be completed so that your driveway or paving are restored back to near original condition. Given you the client the satisfaction that the faults and issue’s have also been rectified. To prevent any further work to be undertaken. So no job is too big or small as all work undertaken is completed to the highest standard and finished to the highest quality. To ensure if a re-visit is required it is an added service, not a previous project.


Also when booking for re-sanding, re-pointing or re-sealing it is a 2 day process. Which can only

be completed in good weather with no forecast of rain. As rain will ruin the sand or sealant from setting correctly. So the appointment would need to be rescheduled for another day. Although once resealed the driveway or paving should stay in pristine condition for 2 years plus.

This is why we offer a 2 year guarantee with all re-sanding, re-pointing and re-sealing jobs.


Although the price of treatments used to remove mould, moss, black spots, lichen are added to the cost. Which is reasonably but worthwhile when trying to remove stubborn dirt, grime, moss, blackspots, lichen. Which sometimes pressure washing alone will not remove from the driveway or paving. To restore back to near original condition.


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