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Affordable End of Tenancy Cleaning Services Clapham

Why book an End-of-Tenancy Cleaning Service?

Relocating can be stressful, especially when it is coupled with the responsibility of leaving the house in excellent condition. It can save you time spent scrubbing old stains in the home your leaving, and let you focus on preparing, arranging, and living in your new house.  It is very simple to book a service for our end-of-tenancy cleaning, and we'll be there when you need us as soon as possible.


What to expect when you book an End of Tenancy

Our End of Tenancy cleaning service will ensure that your house is left in the most ideal condition in order for you to reclaim your deposit from your landlord or letting agency. Providing you with an end-of-tenancy cleaning checklist of work required and work completed. To match with your  specific cleaning requirements. As some landlords or letting agents require different cleaning services. So we mix and match our deep cleaning, spring cleaning, steam cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning. To suit  the clients main areas to be rectified or to pay particular extra attention too. So our quality cleaning service checklist is fulfilled  on end-of-tenancy cleaning to ensure your house passes quality inspection.

Our professional cleaners are highly trained and fully insured with years of experience in housekeeping. Top of the range cleaning products with the latest surface finishing technology and exclusive fragrances. 48 hours guarantee or we will come back to re-clean the areas you were not satisfied with on previous visit.

As we strive to provide customer satisfaction on each job we complete. 

  • Steam cleaning floors and tiles.

  • Vacuuming carpet and furniture 

  • Removing cobwebs from walls, ceiling and windows.

  • Cleaning windows, skirting boards, doors and window seals.

  • Dusting and polishing surfaces, such as tables chairs and furniture

  • Removing limescale from sinks, showers and bathtubs.

  • Cleaning and polishing taps and other furnishings.

  • Scrubbing and disinfecting the toilet.

  • Removing mould from grout and tiles.

  • Wiping down kitchen cabinets shelves and countertops.

  • Cleaning cupboards inside & out (tops & bottoms can be added).

  • Cleaning all appliances (cooker oven fridge microwave  extractor  etc).

  • Degreasing the hob, oven and all components.

  • Cleaning the fridge and freezer and all components.

  • Cleaning out large appliances like washing machines or dishwashers.

  • Emptying and removing rubbish then cleaning bins    

  • Cleaning bath shower, shower glass, sink, toilet and tiles.

  • Carpet cleaning carpet either by wet extraction or dry encapsulation (can be added) 

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