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Best Carpet, Rugs & Upholstery Cleaning Services Clapham

Asap Cleaning Company Ltd offers the Best Carpet, Rugs & Upholstery Cleaning Services in Clapham


Strive to deliver an A1 carpet cleaning, sanitizing, odor treating, spot treating service. Carpet

Stain removal or general dirt and grime carpet clean. To the highest standard to the highest

quality finish.  With a value for money service to match each client's requirements. Either Domestic

Or Commercial all is work completed to a professional level. Eco-friendly solutions are available. Professional equipment and products are used.


Summary: Is your carpet looking worn, soiled, or stained. Due to high foot travel from outside to inside.

Or from spills that have happened one time too many. Could it do with a one-off carpet clean? Or with a scheduled carpet cleaning. To replenish and refresh the fibers back to near new. Also to remove any

unpleasant lingering odours after previous spills. Or from pet odors or due to smoke. Then try one of

our carpet cherry, or lemon deodorizers and sanitizers. To destroy any unpleasant odors in carpet and

upholstery. While adding a powerful pleasant fragrance to your carpeted areas. Also bad smells due to

urine may not be completely removed if urine has gone to carpet backing. Or to the flooring underneath

which would require carpet to be picked up underside cleaned plus flooring cleaned. To completely remove bad odors in some situations.

Or to go a step further we can add one of our biocidal treatment cleaners for carpets and upholstery.

Effective against bacteria including MRSA, or Viruses including Hepatitis B Etc.


Air Blowers or Dehumidifiers can be supplied;

Domestic £ 5.00 per hour

Commercial £10.00 per hour

Portable A/C unit £5.00 per hour

The minimum charge for Carpet, Rug, or Upholstery Cleaning is £50 per visit.

Please be aware that no guarantee can be given for the complete removal of any stain.

Until tried and tested as some stains require more than one treatment or visit. Or

as some stains are more stubborn than others due to the nature of the liquid and carpet fibers.


Parking charges and congestion charge may apply. 


We work mostly within London plus most surrounding areas. Within the M25 as we are based within

London. Although we are willing to go further and beyond when the work requires. We cater to the smallest business, Or to the largest corporations. Delivering the highest standard and quality to all working projects. To all our clients from start to completion.


Pictures say a thousand words. So ASAP strive to picture image each project. For the records, proof

and Reference. Also to show improvement from before, during and after completion. For customer

satisfaction or promotion. As we aim to build reviews of customer service and customer satisfaction.

On excellence of services. All rights Reserved.

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